Security Standards

Security of our customer’s personal information is important to us. At Automatic Designs, we understand that our customers rely on us as an important part of their business process. That’s why we take our responsibilities to secure our customers information seriously. The security and reliability of the software, systems, and data that forms part of the Automatic Design experience is our top priority.

We protect all information traveling between your browser and Automatic Designs from eavesdroppers with Transport Layer Security (TLS). TLS evolved from Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and is now the prevalent standard.
The lock icon in the Status Bar and the Location Bar of your browser will show that the current web page uses encryption mechanisms for securing the connection to prevent malicious Internet users from reading and changing the exchanged data between your web browser and the web server. The existence of the lock icon verifies that your data is secure in transit.

Maintaining a Secure Environment
Here at Automatic Designs, we deploy access control measures at multiple levels to limit access to legitimate users and only to the operations that these users are allowed to perform.

We monitor the access and usage of the service we provide to identify unauthorized operations and access attempts as early as possible.

Credit Card Information
We do not store credit card information on our servers. We use Stripe, one of the leading payment gateways available. All card numbers are encrypted on Stripe’s systems and none of Stripe’s internal servers are able to get plaintext card numbers. Stripe is a certified PCI Service Provider Level 1.

Reporting Security Issues
Naturally, we welcome any feedback that can help us provide our customers with service that could be more secure. To report a security issue that affects the service we provide, please contact us here.