Team Leader

Team Leader Job Summary​

We are currently seeing a strong Team Leader to provides direction to our production team. The Team Leader will be tasked with developing a timeline for each project and delegating the individual components to members of the team, including him/herself. The Team lead will be charged with regularly reporting on the team’s progress in meetings or through regular email contact or reports.

Should any challenges arise, the Team Leader will work with the team members to reasonably solve the conflict quickly and effectively. If a project becomes in jeopardy or fails, the Team Leader must take significant steps to correct the process or eliminate the problems so that future projects succeed. When a project is a winner, the Team Leader is responsible for documenting the process such that the success can be reproduced.

Team Leader Responsibilities

  • Build trust and camaraderie between team members
  • Inspire and motivate teamwork for achieving goals
  • Influence valuable changes and positive outcomes
  • Be open to new ideas coming from team members
  • Consult frequently with key team members
  • Establish an open discussion for decision-making
  • Cultivate a unique identity for the team; Build a unified department
  • Encourage and support independent thinking
  • Recognize and acknowledge the skills of key team members and utilize their strengths to the benefit of the team
  • Define clearly state expectations and objectives with the team members. Ensure that all members understand the missions ahead
  • Mediate disagreements between members. Set a behavioral code if necessary
  • Develop an incentive program to increase results
  • Evaluate results and provide feedback in a timely fashion

Team Leader Requirements and Qualifications

  • BS degree in Management or equivalent experience
  • Proven work experience as a team leader or manager
  • In-depth knowledge of performance metrics
  • Solid computer skills
  • Excellent communication and leadership skills
  • Organizational and time-management skills
  • Natural charisma and leadership
  • Ability to make quick and smart decisions under pressure