Careers at Automatic Designs

Why Work at Automatic Designs

Satisfying Work

Working with our customers will give you countless opportunities to put your best foot forward and deliver fantastic results. If you are driven to deliver quality results, we want to work with you.

Master Your Craft

Whether you are in a creative role or one that is more administrative, you will be able to hone your skills, learn as a group, and share in the wins and lessons learned. We value career growth and development and will work with you to achieve your career goals.

A Greater Purpose

Part of our company’s mission is to be a socially conscious business. A portion of our annual profits go straight to charitable organizations around the world and our team members choose which organizations we select.

Work/Life Balance

Our team members all work remote, so you won’t have to commute to a job wasting precious time in traffic. We also offer excellent compensation for your time. We want everyone on our team to be happy and be able to provide for their families while producing great results for our customers.

Win - Win - Win

We have a goal of creating a Win-Win-Win situation – our customers get awesome results, our team members are able to feel fulfilled in their work while maintaining a work-life balance, and the world benefits through our charitable contributions.

Available Positions

Graphic Designer

Show off your creative talent!

Team Leader

Provide direction to our production team!